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Our Durable Adjustable floatable foam visor hat is made from soft EVA material, the hats are colourful and lightweight and designed to be durable. The floating cap has holes in its brim for Jibbitz or Tout charms. Material Eva excels in antibacterial and deodorant, and block harmful UV rays. Because it floats on the water with pool, beach, waterfront, you can jump in with a peace of mind and not damage your visor. Just adjust to your size of head. Easy to clean, just wash with under water.

  • EVA Foam and the design patches are PVC (Crocs Material)
  • Great for Summer Pool or Beach Activities
  • Floats on Water and Easy to Clean
  • Available in 12 Colors for your Choice
  • Decorate it with your own Tout or Jibbit Charms
  • One size fits most