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Durable Adjustable Floatable Visor Hat with PIRATE FLAG Snap Charm is great for your next outdoor trip or pool party. This hat is very light weight and can also be used in water and wont be damaged, the visor floats when in water. The hat also blocks the harmful UV effects of the sun. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Easy to clean, just run it under some water and a little soap and it will be like new. This visor comes with 1 Tout Snap Charm which can me switched out anytime. The Visor has 24 holes which means you can place 24 charms all around the visor and show it off. Purchase additional charms and customize it your own way. One size fits most. Available in 9 colors.

  • EVA Foam and the design patches are PVC (Crocs Material)
  • Visor is Lightweight and Easy To Clean
  • This Visor Only Includes 1 Tout Charm
  • Sweatband For Added Comfort
  • Can be Used in any Water Activities
  • One size fits most